• Matt D.

    In April of this year, I was diagnosed with MS. Research has shown that exercising on a regular basis reduces the number of attacks or lesions for MS patients, so exercising is incredibly important. I joined NACF a month or so after my diagnosis and have regained balance, coordination, and strength that I lost at the beginning of 2018 due to MS symptoms. Wrestling with my kids would be a lot harder right now if it weren’t for NACF. 


    I would definitely recommend NACF. They prioritize form and safety over reps and weight. They also help create a fun and easy going atmosphere while also pushing people to be their best self. I truly believe the coaches care about me as a person and not as a means to make money.

  • Jack P.

    I have regularly lifted weights since I was 15 years old, however, I hated cardio and always neglected cardio as part of my regular workout routine. I am now 40 years old and have been at North Ankeny Crossfit for over 4 years. In my opinion, Crossfit has the perfect balance of strength, cardio and agility in all workouts, which not only improves your fitness, but challenges you in every workout. NACF coaches are amazing and have definitely had a profound positive impact on my life. NACF will take your body and mind places you never thought you could go. If you are committed, willing to get dirty and do the work, you will see positive changes in your physical and mental fitness which allow you to do things you might have thought were impossible only months or years before. NACF coaches and members are great, extremely welcoming and you instantly feel welcomed whether you are a beginner or seasoned Crossfit veteran. I highly recommend NACF to anyone looking to improve their physical and mental fitness!

  • Tyler C.

    I had a very bad back injury from wakeboarding which landed me in an
    intensive chiropractic program. A
    wakeboard buddy from up in the Twin Cities who also suffered from several bad
    wakeboard injuries said Crossfit remedied many of his aches/stiffness.
    Figured I would give it a shot as my old workout routine had been in place
    for 7+ years. After 2 months, my back stiffness and tightness was completely
    gone. I proceeded to have one of my best wakeboard years on record and have excellent energy throughout the day. As Woody says, it has helped me have great life agility vs. just being a gym rat.

  • Nate B.

    NACF workouts are unique compared to other membership workout classes as there are very few repetitive workouts. I found myself getting burned out/bored with other memberships and NACF has been a welcomed relief to that. I actually look forward to working out now as each day presents a new and challenging workout. There is also a competitiveness to the workouts which helps push me each day. NACF also has more of a “family” feel to it than other gyms as there are many opportunities to participate in group competitions and there always seems to be an event to get together outside of the gym. 


    NACF always has a high energy feeling to it when you walk through the door. I have heard of many injuries at other CrossFit gyms, but the coaches strongly encourage/enforce safety over “pushing yourself.” It is nice to have someone watching out for your wellbeing at all times.

  • Troy B.

    My daily life has improved physically by attending NACF. A reduction in waist size and improvement in my cardio is a direct result. The increased physical activity aids in the reduction of mental fatigue while improving my overall sleeping patterns.It is easy to recommend NACF to anyone who hasn’t tried CrossFit. I tell them it doesn’t matter your age, body type or physical abilities. The knowledgeable staff allocate class time to focus on proper techniques as well as provide scaleable options tailored to physical abilities. Everyday the workouts vary as well as intensity removing repetitious boredom experienced in solely lifting weights. You primarily compete against yourself to accomplish the workout within the allotted time. At times you compete against others. Everyone encourages others and provides support when needed.

  • Dena K.

    I came to crossfit after being a runner, I qualified for the Boston Marathon in 2014, at the Houston marathon when my fourth child was seven and a half months old. I ran Boston in 2015. It was my 5th marathon.

    A marathon and a year later, 2017, my father had a stroke in May I turned
    35 in June and was told I have arthritis in my knees and shouldn't run a
    week after my birthday. Shoot, I have four busy children, an amazing husband who works a stressful job, I too put in 40 hr weeks, my parents and siblings are trying to deal with a medical condition and now my main form of stress release was gone...


    ...I love driving to the gym challenging myself on something new or to beat that person next to me who 10 months ago I could only dream of being close to. Crossfit has become my new routine, so much that over the course of a year I have worked out more consistently than any of my years running. It is my coffee time in the morning, feel-good time, be a nerd doing the roger rabbit instead of some skip/run warm up thing I lack coordination to complete successfully. The people are my accountability, they notice when I'm in a funk and care to
    ask why. I have always been one to go all in, remember those 2 pullups...yeah I practiced for those back in 5th grade...what person does
    that in elementary school? The same person who tries to qualify for Boston
    after having a newborn I guess. So NACF feeds my crazy and keeps my sanity
    all at the same time, oh and I feel great physically too.

  • Dalton B.

    North Ankeny Crossfit is a great group of people. The members are welcoming and helpful for newcomers. The people definitely make me want to keep attending and getting better. It is a fun competitive atmosphere and someone is always around to push/encourage you. The coaching staff is unmatched. They push you to be the best that you can possibly be. No matter which session you attend, the coaches preach the same form to make sure you are lifting safely and efficiently. Crossfit has been a challenging and rewarding adventure.


    Crossfit has improved my day to day life in many ways, and has given me something to look forward to every day. I eat healthier so that I have adequate energy and mentality to push myself on the workout. It is a great feeling when you finally hit the weight goal that you have been striving for or complete a movement for the first time. The incremental successes that come throughout the Crossfit journey makes me feel accomplished and keeps me coming back.


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