#EmilyStrong Registration

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Date: Saturday, May 11th
Location: North Ankeny CrossFit
1608 NW State St #101, Ankeny, Iowa 50023
Time (approximate): 1-4 pm, with a walk at 3.
Competition Info: Teams of 2, same-sex pairs. 2 divisions; Rx and scaled. 
This isn't a competition, this is a workout and walk. Just to be together. The workout is:
6:00 on, 2:00 off, 6:00 on. The score is the time to successfully complete 12 rounds. 1 Round equals DU->push ups->pull ups->squat cleans

During the first 6 minute period, partners travel as far as possible then rest for 2:00. After the 2:00 break they will pick up where they left off and switch roles (Partner A performs cleans, Partner B performs triplet). 1 second will be added for each rep not performed if capped.
Partner A: 
29 Double Unders
12 Push-ups
6 Pull-ups
Partner B:
3 Squat cleans (increasing weight each round*)
155/105 (men add 10 per round, women add 5 per round)
115/85 (men add 10 per round, women add 5 per round)
95/65 (men add 10 per round, women add 5 per round)