Huxley Fit Club

The newest member of the Fit Farm family, Huxley Fit Club is a community in Huxley, Iowa. It's a group of people looking for a better version of themselves through fitness and nutrition—and having fun while doing it. We've taken what we have done for nearly a decade in Ankeny, brought it to Huxley, and tailored it to who matters most—you!

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Personalized Coaching

Our staff only cares about one thing—bringing value to our clients. Getting the most out of a workout is half the battle. Making it fun, welcoming, safe, and personal makes it worth coming back to. We take the time to find what works for you and then work hard at doing the best we can to build a better you with you!

Facility and Perks

In this beautiful, clean space furnished by Bella Homes, members have access to a sauna, full locker room and shower facilities, and a clean and welcoming gym space. There is a full kitchen space where we help clients learn to do nutrition the right way, and every membership comes with a free 30-minute consultation with Jordan Miller, RDN, the outstanding nutritionist and coach!


Classes are currently run from 5:15-6:15pm Monday through Thursday, but more class times will be added as more folks decide to join! Memberships at any Fit Farm location (North Ankeny CrossFit, Acceleration Iowa, Huxley Fit Farm) are valid at any other Fit Farm location at no extra cost.