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Our Getting Started Process

If you're reading this, you're probably at least marginally interested (or at least curious) about starting CrossFit with us at NACF. Because of the diversity of experience and background of the people who may start with us, we have a few ways to get started.

If you're among the majority of our members who had never done CrossFit, there are two starting points.


Starting Point #1) To make sure you're comfortable with our community and what we're all about, you're welcome to come and try a free class (free trial link here)! Our 7 and 9 am Saturday classes are free and geared towards getting the public involved, but all of our classes throughout the week are eligible to drop into, pending member reservations and class caps.

Starting Point #2) If you're sure that you want to start up with us, welcome! You're not required to do our Elements Class, but we'd recommend it! Think of them like golf lessons before buying a set of clubs. You could learn yourself in class, it will just make it quicker and easier to ask questions to. 

If you're a seasoned CrossFitter who is new to the area or looking to get a refresh somewhere new, your process is a little different.  You're welcome to try a free week (link) to make sure we're a good fit. If you're sure and want to sign up, head to this link and sign up!

If you're somewhere in between, someone who has done CrossFit a handful of times but isn't sure, come check us out! We'll help you decide which path is right for you! 

But regardless of starting point, we want to constantly earn your business, not try and get you into a contract that you can't escape. We also recognize that it can be intimidating to start at a new gym. So feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns!

Info on our Class Types

CrossFit Classes

60-minute classes, led by an instructor, done with a group of your friends (or soon to be friends 😁)

Jenny and Syd silly.jpeg

Small group or one-on-one classes with a coach to get you comfortable with the movements and us!

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